Planmate B1 Plan Clamp

Planmate B1 Plan Clamp


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Plan Clamps
Description Planmate B1 Clamp
Plan Capacity 100+
Clamp Length 800mm
Clamp Height 65mm
Product Code Description Plans Capacity Clamp Length Clamp Height
PMCA0 Planmate A0 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 955mm 65mm
PMCB1 Planmate B1 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 800mm 65mm
PMCA1 Planmate A1 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 645mm 65mm
PMCA2 Planmate A2 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 460mm 65mm

*** NEW DESIGN *** The Planmate B1 Plan Clamp features a double wing nut securing system for extra holding capacity. It will hold plans up to B1 size (1000x707mm) on their short edge.

A clear filing clip and a set of blank labels are included to file and categorize your plan hangers for easy recognition and retrieval of your plans or documents.

Planmate plan clamps are guaranteed for 10 years against faulty parts and workmanship. If they prove defective under normal use we will replace them free of charge!

  • Brand: Planmate
  • Product Code: PMCB1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $37.00 ex GST
This product can only be ordered in multiples of 2

Tags: Plan Clamp, Plan Trolley, Plan Wall Rack, Plan Filing, Plan Storage, Plan Job bags

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