Plan Measurers (Area)

Plan Measurers (Area)

Measure area, line and arc lengths of irregular shaped objects on plans and maps.

Tamaya Technic planimeters are the perfect tool for measuring area, line length, arc length directly off printed plans, drawings and blueprints.

Made in Japan, they're renowned for reliability and accuracy.

Planimeters are ideal for:

  1. Landscaping costings of paving, irrigation and pools
  2. Evaluating irregular areas on maps and aerial shots
  3. As an estimating take off tool for quantity surveying
  4. Excavation and fill calculations for road and highway construction
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Tamaya Planix 10S Marble Planimeter

The Planix 10S is a digital planimeter, used to calculate areas and distances on a map. It can trace..

$2,100.00 ex GST

Tamaya Planix 7

The Planix 7 is a roller planimeter. It is attached to wheels that allow unlimited horizontal travel..

$1,736.00 ex GST

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