Planhorse Wall Racks

Planhorse Wall Racks

Front Loading Wall racks

Wallracks are unique to the system. Freeing up valuable floor space makes them the ideal answer when space is limited. Plans are filed in an unobtrusive instantly accessed way. Front loading Wallracks make drawings quickly and easily accessible. Wallracks hold clamps of any length or a combination of various lengths. Wallracks are a very inexpensive filing method. Drawings are filed flat with no creasing, tearing, crimping or folding. Well organised in required order groups of plans can be accessed and stored quite simply. Wallracks are very convenient for filing active project work close to the where they will be required. Overlong sheets are easily hung by mounting the Wallrack higher up the wall than normal.

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Planhorse W1000 Wall Rack

The Planhorse W1000 Wall rack holds 10 clamps (1000 sheets) of any size up to A0. Sheets are fi..

$138.00 ex GST

Planhorse W500 Wall Rack

The Planhorse W500 Wall rack holds 4 clamps (500 sheets) of any size up to A0. Sheets are ..

$115.00 ex GST

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