Tamaya Planix 10S Marble Planimeter

Tamaya Planix 10S Marble Planimeter

The Planix 10S is a digital planimeter, used to calculate areas and distances on a map. It can trace curves, plot points and calculate averages for more accurate measurements. Accuracy is +-0.1%. Measurement functions: Area, Line Length, Side Length Measuring Units: mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, acre/yd, User-Defined Units Display: LCD 16 digits x2 Lines.

Measuring Range: 300mm x 10metres. Linear Resolution: 0.05mm. Accuracy: ±0.1% (100 x 100mm area measurement). Power: Internal nickel metal hydride battery or AC charger/adaptor. Charging time: About 15 hours Operating time: About 20 hours. Dimensions: 250 x 110 x 40mm (main body) 260 x 183×64mm (case). Weight: Approx. 630g.

Function Planix 7 Planix 10S
Point Mode
Side Length, Line Length
Scale: Key Input
Scale: Actual Size Correction
Scale: Affline Transformation (Known Point Correction)
Average and Cumulative Total
Decimal Point Setup
Automatic Power-Off Function
Automatic Closing Function
Automatic Numbering Function
Operating Time Battery Life 30 hours 20 hours
  • Brand: Tamaya
  • Product Code: MEPLANIX10S
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