Scalex Scale-Link Wireless Plan Wheel 3

Scalex Scale-Link Wireless Plan Wheel 3
Built In Scales 111
Custom Scales 2
Optional USB/PC Interface n/a
Wheel Resolution 1.0mm
Accuracy ± 0.25%
Protective Hardcase Included

NEW! Wireless Scale-Link Plan Wheel

All new version! Interface the PlanWheel with your estimating software without the interference of a cumbersome cable. The Scale-Link Wireless 3 includes the PlanWheel WL3, Charging Cradle with USB Cable, Scalex Ready Connect Software, User’s Guide, Rechargeable batteries (2x AAA) and a Protective Case. Scale-Link Wireless 3 is compatible with all Windows construction estimating programs including Microsoft Excel. The industry standard take-off plan measuring wheel tool for entering linear measurements from your blueprints, maps, or plans into any Windows program. Just roll the Scalex plan measuring wheel along your print, then click to instantly transfer the measurement into your program. Scale-Link Wireless 3 contains everything you need to get started. The included plan wheel can be used remotely in the field or interfaced with your PC at distances of up to 7.5 meters!

The package includes the Planwheel WL3 scaler, Ready Connect-software, Charging Cradle, rechargeable batteries and a Protective case.

  • Calculate auto-scale factor from reduced, enlarged or odd-scale drawings
  • Measures in inches, feet, yards, miles, centimeters, and kilometers
  • Calculates square and cubic dimensions for regular areas and volumes
  • Counter and adder buttons on probe tip let you count items or add fixed lengths as you scale
  • Create, store and retrieve 2 user-defined scale factors
  • Clear, audible tone indicates wheel movement
  • Automatic shut-off assures long battery life
  • Low battery indicator
  • Plus minus (+ -) mode allows user to simply back to deduct an over-rolled measurement
  SCMW Scalex SA2 Scalex XLU3 Scalex Scale-Link USB3 Kit Scalex Scale-link Wireless 3
Built In Scales 19 111 111 111
Custom Scales 2 2 2 2
USB/PC Interface optional included
Wheel Resolution 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.0mm
Accuracy ± 0.25% ± 0.25% ± 0.25% ± 0.25%
Protective Hardcase Included

Scalex Scale-Link Planwheels Instructions (PDF)
Download Scalelink USB3 planwheel instructions

  • Brand: Scalex
  • Product Code: SCPWWL3
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $550.00 ex GST

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