ScaleMaster PRO Plan Measurer

scalemaster pro plan wheel measurer
Built In Scales 72
Custom Scales 3
Optional USB/PC Interface
Wheel Resolution 0.635mm
Accuracy ± 2-4%
Protective Hardcase

Digital Plan Wheel Measurer

The new ergonomic design of the affordable Scale Master® Pro makes it comfortable to hold, and the dual LCD displays make it much easier to read.

Get fast, accurate Linear, Area and Volume takeoffs from blueprints, drawings and maps. It features 72 built-in scales – 6 custom scales and 2 built-in memories. Quickly switch between Metric and Imperial Modes. A Lock switch prevents accidental changes of scale or mode. It is an ideal tool for preparing bids and estimates from plans and blueprints in the field or office.

Product Benefits

  • Dramatically cut takeoff time
  • Speed estimates
  • Improve productivity and maximize profitability
  • Reduce errors

For Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Pipeline Builders, Excavators, Concrete Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Fencing Specialists, Telecommunication and Cable System Contractors, Pavers, Electrical Contractors or anyone needing fast, accurate takeoffs from plans and blueprints.

  Scalemaster PRO Scalemaster PRO XE
Built In Scales 72 91
Custom Scales 3 5
Optional USB/PC Interface
Wheel Resolution 0.635mm 0.635mm
Accuracy ± 2-4% ± 2-4%
Protective Hardcase

Scalemaster Pro Spec Sheet (PDF)
Download Scalemaster Pro Spec Sheet

Scalemaster Pro User Guide (PDF)
Download Scalemaster Pro User Guide

  • $144.00 ex GST

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