Planhorse A0 Plan Clamp

Planhorse A0 Plan Clamp







Vertical Plan Filing

Planhorse are the world leaders in Vertical plan filing, storage and archiving of drawings. The Planhorse system was first developed in 1979 and has since established markets all around the world.

Today it sells in more than 60 countries through a network of 34 Distributors. The Planhorse brand is internationally accepted as a leader in the field of large document storage. Over the years updates have been made to the design and further uses for the product have been developed.

Patented Design

The Planhorse patented design is based on a unique ultra strong two piece aluminium extrusion clamp which has big advantages over its competitors who require 3 extrusions to gain sufficient grip or strength to hold 100 or more sheets. Planhorse provide a 10 year replacement guarantee on its clamp and the innovative robustness of the overall system has resulted in numerous Design Mark Awards including the New Millennium Award for Technology and Quality awarded Planhorse in Switzerland in 2000. Whilst the principal manufacturing base is in the UK and New Zealand, Planhorse also have certain items in the range manufactured under licence in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, India, China, Cyprus and USA in order to reduce freight costs and ensure steady product supply to strategic markets.

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Plan Clamps
Description Planhorse A0 Plan Clamp
Plan Capacity 100 sheets
Clamp Length 914mm
Clamp Height 65mm
Product Code Description Plans Capacity Clamp Length Clamp Height
WSPHPCA0 Planhorse A0 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 914mm 65mm
WSPHPCA1 Planhorse A1 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 650mm 65mm
WSPHPCA2 Planhorse A2 Plan Clamp 100 sheets 460mm 65mm

Planhorse product information ( PDF )
Download Planhorse Plan Filing and Plan storage brochure

The Planhorse Plan Clamp System was designed specifically for filing and storing Architectural Plans, Construction Drawings, Blueprints, Engineering Drawings, Charts, Maps, Art Graphics, Posters and other oversize sheets of paper.

The Planhorse Plan Clamp is fully portable.

  • Brand: Planhorse
  • Product Code: WSPHPCA0
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $47.00 ex GST

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