Plan Wheel Measurers

Plan Wheel Measurers

Easily measure plans, maps and blueprints the fast an acurrate way

Planmate offers the perfect rolling scale measurement tool for taking scaled measurements of plans and blueprints. Just select the built-in scale factor to match the plan, roll the plan scale wheel device & the measurement is instantly displayed. For Architects, Engineers, & Construction Contractors: Eliminate manual measuring Use as an architecural scale rule Easily measure curved lines Cord free operation, cover an entire A0 sheet.

Scalex Planwheel line up

The Scalex PlanWheel line of products includes the PlanWheel SA2, the PlanWheel XLU3, Scale-Link USB 3, and the NEW Scale-Link Wireless 3. Measure prints and plans in ANY scale, including Architectural Scales, Engineering Scales, and Metric Scales and create your own custom scale if you can’t find what you need in the 111 built-in scales available. Features a Counter button and a linear Adder button for quick adding of standardized lengths Architects: The Scalex PlanWheel line of products makes a perfect Architects Ruler Engineers: The Scalex PlanWheel line of products makes a perfect Engineering Ruler.

Scalex MapWheel

Map Measuring Tool for Hikers, Bikers, Boaters, Adventure Racers, RVers and more. This compact, handy tool for measuring road, trail, forestry, and topographical maps stows easily in your backpack or glove box and is perfect for planning and plotting out your next great adventure. MapWheels measure only in Miles, Kilometers and Nautical Miles. (MapWheels are not intended for use on blueprints or to do estimating takeoffs – please see our line of PlanWheels for those purposes.) Measure your route on ANY Map with the Scalex MapWheel Affordably priced, the MapWheel is a great gift for the traveler on your list Map Measurement the easy way!


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